Battling Gambling Addiction

Betting on sports, roulette, poker, slots or scratch cards – whether it is online or in casino – gambling can destroy relationships, careers, and may result into financial disaster. This may also push you to certain things that you have never done before, such as stealing big sums of money just to pay off your debts or to gamble. Or resorting to taking part in transworld systems scams, to generate enough money to gamble.

Your mindset is – you can’t stop. However, with assistance, you could cease your destructive antics and bring control back into your life. You much first know when to admit you have a problem. End financial ruin, here:

Understanding The Problem In Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction, which is also called compulsive gambling, is one kind of disorder known as impulsive-control. These types of gamblers don’t have control over their desires to gamble – even when they already know how potentially destructive the results will be to themselves (or to others). Their main world just revolves around gambling. This is what they like to do, regardless of whatever happens. Gambling addicts would keep gambling, even after they are broke, depressed or deep in debt. They gamble even though family, friends and spouses are against it.

But this can be a big problem if it is not properly controlled. Gambling addiction is a behavior in which gambling ruins one’s life. When you are preoccupied with it, you spend more money and chase losses and other miserable things, like westlake financial services reviews on your credit reports – reporting negative comments on your paying habits.

Signs and symptoms of gambling addiction

Gambling addiction is subtle, such that there are no physical signs of it – unlike addictions such as alcohol and drug abuse. People who have it, typically minimize or deny the problem. They tend to hide their gambling activities in so many ways. Take, for instance, gamblers would sneak out and lie about where they have gone or what they been doing (as of late).

Most probably, you have a gambling problem if you always feel that you want to gamble, secretly. Chances are, you would lie about the amount of money you have gambled away or how much you have won, since you do not want to cause alarm.

Are you having a dilemma on how to control your gambling addiction? Can you still quit or walk away from gambling on your own volition? Or you are already bounded by the power of gambling, and you won’t stop not until you are down to your last coin?

This is oftentimes the case, even when you don’t have some way to finance gambling. What is more alarming is when you get too desperate and you’ve fail to bring back money you’ve lost. There are some instances where you would stop paying your bills – just to gamble. Or you would sacrifice the money you have set aside for you children.

And you’re reduced to selling, borrowing and even stealing valuable things – just to gamble! The rest of the cycle is cruel. You would come to a point of believing that the only way to gain money, is to lose them first. But the thing here is, it only puts you deeper into debt and deeper into conflict with collection agencies – to the point where you are forced to make portfolio recovery complaints on your credit report.

Moreover, your friends and family are now worried about your situation. If you keep on denying your gambling addiction, you will continue to suffer. Why don’t you try to listen to them? Examine how your life is being affected greatly, by gambling. There are many old stories of gamblers who are trying to reach out their kids, because a long time ago, they already gambled away the inheritance of their children – would you wait for THAT to happen in YOUR life? It is not too late.

Treatment & Self-help For Gambling Addiction – Relieving Overwhelming And Unpleasant Feelings Without Gambling

Unhealthy feelings, such as loneliness, helplessness, anxiety, depression or fear – may trigger gambling addiction or may worsen. After a long and tiring day of work (or right after a confrontation from co-workers, your spouse or whatever), many people feel that some time in the casino would alleviate these negative feelings – allowing you to socialize and unwind.

However, you must know that there are other healthy ways (and much more affordable ways) in inviting these feelings, constructively; this includes meditation, exercise, hanging out with friends, discovering new relaxation techniques – and much more.

Most people consider alternatives when they are planning to quit gambling. Although gambling is no longer a part of their lives, those unpleasant and painful emotion they used to have (to overcome gambling) will still remain. That is why it is much better if you think positively, and replace gambling with something constructive – this will allow you to deal with stress.

Each kind of gambler has their own needs, whether it is medical attention or family support. That is why there are specific programs designed for every situation involving compulsive gambling. But this is a tough road. They must be ready to face it with determination.